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A few days ago, I already took stock of the new ways and opportunities for communication in the braindinx GmbH journal.

Die ersten Wochen mit dem Coronavirus waren turbuleThe first few weeks with the corona virus were turbulent and the topic affected every one of us, whether privately or on business. In many cases, it’s probably a fight on both fronts.

Topics such as home office, communication, but also securing liquidity, Corona emergency aid or short-time work were certainly hot topics for you. Even privately, for your family, children and partners, the effects will have been extreme and still are. Contact ban, no childcare and no school, as well as worldwide travel warnings. So the start of 2020 was certainly not planned. I had also imagined 2020 to be very different for my agency.

Nevertheless, we all had to find our way somehow and develop new ways, solutions and creative concepts. After a little normality has returned to the state of emergency, there are now noticeable loosenings. Schools and kindergartens start operating cautiously and there are first opportunities for relaxation. At the same time, the next challenges are waiting for us entrepreneurs. B. the bureaucracy with the temporary adjustment of VAT.

Time for an interim assessment

  • How have you done so far?
  • How do you communicate with your customers?
  • Does Corona affect your business, your customers or your day-to-day business?
  • What are the biggest challenges?
  • Where do opportunities arise?
  • What are your short and medium term goals now?

Let’s stay in touch

Together with my team, I found great new ways of communicating. A very positive side effect of the ban on contacts is the opening to the topic of digitization. This particularly affects communication.

We are experiencing a sudden digitalization even in primary schools. It was overslept for many years, but now it is all the faster in many places. Meetings are now held via video conferencing. What arises out of necessity turns out to be a very effective and convenient solution for everyone involved.

braindinx Kommunikation Homeoffice
Not only for the team meeting in the home office a completely new way of communication.

Meetings are now held via video conferencing. What arises out of necessity turns out to be a very effective and convenient solution for everyone involved.

We too are now offering you several ways to make a video conference.

Conferences are possible via Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Appointments made easy.

The way to an appointment has also become new. Whether video or telephone conference, on the website of my agency www.braindinx.de you can even book your appointment yourself.

braindinx Kommunikation Digital Corona
You can now easily book appointments via our website – whether by telephone or video conference, all ways are open for communication.

Video contributions

How do we bridge the social distance? How can agencies offer you the greatest added value and benefit? Video messages, stories and live contributions are currently the answer to the latest trends.

Sometimes there has to be a crisis before you can take the next step. For me, this step clearly means the way to the video. A topic I wanted to tackle for a long time, but I have always postponed.

It is unusual, outside of my comfort zone, but that is exactly what is important. Get out of the comfort zone and break new ground. Video is the instrument to inform and to overcome the social distance to a certain extent.

The latest article on “Tips for your website” has just gone online.

I very much hope that I can offer you a benefit.

PS: Do you have a desired topic? Please let me know and we will try to implement it in one of the next video contributions.

Interim conclusion

Times are uncertain and none of us can really estimate the further consequences. Economically and privately, we all more or less reach our limits. It costs nerves and certainly jobs and livelihoods.

We all know that. And let’s be honest: we are still damned well.

This time it affects not only developing countries, but also us – but still we are all doing very well in comparison. We shouldn’t forget that.

The crisis is always an opportunity. With the focus on positive aspects, new ideas and concepts, we can now achieve a lot of positive things.

I am happy to be by your side to support, identify opportunities and set the course so that your company can emerge from this period with renewed strength.

Do we seize the opportunities?

I’m happy if you keep in touch with me. Maybe there will be a digital reunion?