Jan Stellmach - Branding expert

As an branding expert, entrepreneur and designer, I have been connected to the advertising industry for over 19 years.



I am a child of the 80s and grew up very free and carefree. My parents helped me to go out into the world openly, socially and curiously. This also includes critically questioning circumstances again and again and meeting challenges creatively. Creativity and the opportunity to develop freely are very important to me in my life.

Characteristics that do not always fit well into existing structures – especially not in our educational system, which I am very critical of in many places today as a father and trainer.

But they are qualities that are fantastic companions for a career in the creative world. I have chosen my own path at many points in my life and I still question the world today. Tools that I can use as an entrepreneur and that have their roots in my childhood.


Entry into the profession

My first points of contact with the advertising industry were in an internship. Since then I have been enthusiastic about the industry. I started my job practically via the path of training as a media designer for digital and print media. At that time, creative freedom and development were the main focus for me. There should still be a long way to go to become an branding expert

Later, as an employee, it was particularly the development and revision of entire corporate appearances that captivated and excited me. But I wanted to do more.

After gaining several years of professional experience as an employee, it was finally time to put my own quality standards, ideas, concepts and visions into practice. It was time to take the next step.


Family man

I am the son of young parents and the brother of two siblings. I always wanted to be a young father and have children for my life. It’s worked out. I only understood what it means over time. A lot only with the birth of Johanna.

One of the biggest challenges for me is not to neglect my role as a father and partner.

I am the father of three wonderful, individual and bright children. Luke (2007), Charlotte (2011) and Johanna (2016) enrich my life and give it a deeper meaning. Without my wife and children, I would not be at this point in my life today. Fulfilling the role of partner, father and entrepreneur simultaneously and with full energy is a challenge that I face every day.

I am passionate about my company, I feel a great responsibility for our customers, I love my wife and children and I have an important role model for my children.

I don’t always manage to perform all roles equally well – but it’s also a task that I can grow on.



With the starting signal at the end of 2014, braindinx GmbH was exactly the right step and my way into a fulfilling new task. Actually several tasks.

I started with my wife Dani at my side. So we not only founded a family, but also a company in which we work together. This common path is the secret of our success. Of course it is not always so harmonious, sometimes the spark only jumps through friction.

Braindinx GmbH has been growing steadily since 2014 and so my job as an entrepreneur is growing.

If your company grows, you have two options as an entrepreneur. Either you grow with and succeed. Or your company grows over your head and you go under.

Stefan Merath

Today I am on a path on which I can learn an incredible amount every day, together with my customers and my team. This path leads me to a new role. The branding expert.


Branding expert

From design to design thinking, strategy and branding

Right from the start, I believed in the enormous potential of good design. The issues of strategy, business and innovative processes such as design thinking were not really clear to me when I started my professional career.

It was only with the growing agency and larger team that I became aware of the importance of my new role as an entrepreneur. My focus was on working on the company, strategy, measurable goals and a clear focus on the customer.

Since then, people like Simon Sinek, Marty Neumaier, Chris Do, Blair Enns, Stephan Merath and David Allen have been inspiring me to name just a few.

A very essential finding has fundamentally changed the way I look at projects. At the same time, it is the basis for my path to becoming a branding expert.

Design thinking. I believe that complex problems require creative and individual solutions that focus on people. This approach has uncovered enormous potential in recent years.

I quickly felt that it is important to look under the surface of a company for a truly sustainable success. It is extremely important to question, analyze and understand my customers’ business. Sustainable benefits, added value and success are the goals of my work. It is the step from design to design thinking and the combination of business and design that characterizes my way of working today. For me, an expert in branding is not a goal that ic has achieved, but a collection of experiences that continues to grow from day to day and that I would like to share with you.