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Always ask why. This is also a very good start for my blog, I think.

Since the foundation of braindinx GmbH, I have grown into the role of an entrepreneur and am learning new things every day.

In addition to many experiences and discussions with a wide variety of people, this process also includes a large number of books, specialist articles and workshops. I used to hate reading. I didn’t enjoy it and in the context of school it only got worse. Back then I had a lot of time but was not interested in reading. Today it’s mostly the other way around.

With the ideas and finally the start of my own agency, the creation of texts and contributions was a big topic for me. Not only in the business plan, but also content for the website and the formulation of vision and mission were challenges that I quickly found pleasure in. To the great dismay of all fellow campaigners, because the texts were often too long. I wanted to put too much in every single page. The first website and some flyers were hopelessly overloaded.

In the course of refreshing our agency website braindinx.de, the team then set up my own journal in blog form in which I already regularly publish articles. In addition, our agency magazine has been published for two years with lots of text and background information.

Then why have your own blog?

I was enthusiastic about the power of good design very early on. A well-designed cover page could make a big difference at school. Later it was especially the development and revision of whole appearances for companies that captivated and inspired me. But I wanted to do more. With the motivation to become more professional and achieve more, I finally founded braindinx GmbH. Since then, the issues of strategy and business have become increasingly important to me. Not only in terms of my own agency, but also the enormous potential that I can develop with my customers. It takes me further and further away from my roots. And what can I say, I get more excited every day.

My page with my own blog in the center now gives me the freedom to deepen these topics, to develop them further and to share them with you..

I would like to get you excited about strategy, branding, design and business, share my knowledge and gain many new insights with you. This page is also my personal playing field for new ideas and concepts.

I would be very happy if you would accompany me on this path, we would collect new experiences and exchange ideas. We are happy to tie in here or at any point that enables us to exchange ideas.

Let’s stay in touch.

If you have read my first blog post so far, then I would like to say thank you for your interest. I want to offer you real added value with the blog, so I look forward to your feedback.

I would be happy if you subscribe to my newsletter. As soon as I have won the first 100 subscribers, there will be the first edition, because then I am sure that there is a deeper interest in this offer at all. Can you help me achieve this first goal?

Ich w├╝rde mich auch freuen, wenn du hin und wieder im Journal bei braindinx vorbeischaust. Die Themen werden sich mit der Zeit sicherlich in unterschiedliche Richtungen entwickeln, aber es bleibt auch dort nach wie vor spannend.

Do you have a topic that we want to deepen together? Or maybe a wish for the next blog post?

Let me know!