Jan Stellmach AC² Beraternetzwerk

Member of the AC² consultant network

Since October 2020 I have been one of the members of the 200-person voluntary AC² consultant network. It is a pool of professionals from a wide variety of economic, scientific and public areas. They are available to the participants of the AC² business plan competition in various functions as experts, mentors, reviewers and jurors.

I have signed up for the task of the expert in branding and the task of the consultant for the AC² – the start-up competition and the AC² – the growth initiative.

What I would like to achieve as a member of the AC² consultant network

In the day-to-day work of the agency, I keep meeting founders. So far, however, the start of the collaboration has always been at a very late point in the process. The move towards an advertising or design agency usually only takes place when the business plan and budget as well as strategies and channels have been defined or at least planned. As an expert in practice, I am usually not yet involved in this process and this often poses challenges.

One aspect is the budget for marketing and branding, which is often very small. As the founder and managing director of braindinx GmbH, I’m not really neutral here. But I see the challenges that arise in practice when the goals and cost pressure are high – but the budget is too small. Often the measures are also planned from your own perspective and not from the customer’s point of view.

With innovative processes such as design thinking and a precise analysis of the target group, touchpoints and customer benefits, as a consultant and expert in branding, I would like to bring this added value and my experience to the planning stage. I have the opportunity to do so in the AC² network of consultants.

With 19 years in the advertising industry and 6 years as an entrepreneur, I also know the challenges of leading a company and employees, planning growth and the opportunities to learn from mistakes. As the father of three wonderful children and with my wife Dani at my side, I also know the challenge of getting family and company under one roof and I know how important having a partner by my side is.

I find myself on a path where I have the chance to learn new things every day. As a member of the AC² consultant network, I am looking forward to meeting many exciting people and projects. You can find out more about my career here.

AC² – the start-up competition

Jan Stellmach AC²-Beraternetzwerk - AC² consultant network

As part of the free business plan competition AC² – the start-up competition, the registered participants develop a viable business plan for their start-up idea together with a personal mentor. You will learn step by step how to develop your business concept, plan your market entry, build a financing strategy and set up a team. As part of the start-up competition, I offer my advice and support here.

AC² – the growth initiative

Jan Stellmach AC²-Beraternetzwerk - AC² consultant network

As a small and medium-sized company, you often operate in a highly dynamic environment. Daily business often leaves little time for strategic growth considerations. With AC² – the growth initiative, the founding region of Aachen offers free support in developing and implementing a sustainable growth strategy. Here, too, I offer my support as part of the growth initiative.

You can find my consultant profile for the AC² consultant network in the Starter Center of the Aachen region here. I look forward to many exciting projects and people.